Workout & Food – The Best And Worst Foods

You are going to start your routine workout after an hour. And you know that you have got to eat something beforehand. What will you do? You have plenty of choices. You can search your fridge or you can head to the nearest fast food chain. The idea is to eat something healthy. Well, let’s take a look at some of the healthy foods that you can eat before your workout.

Worst workout foods

Well, let’s take a look at the worst workout foods that you must avoid. Potatoes, white rice and pasta are three food items that you should avoid before starting the workout. You definitely need carbs to workout. But the aforementioned food items have too much calories, which is a good enough reason for you to avoid it. Soda is another thing that you are supposed to avoid. You must avoid diet or regular drinking soda before you start your workout session. Regular soda contains calories and sugar in excess. But you will come across the argument that having caffeine makes it a good choice before workout. Not really. If that is the case, it is better to opt for a cup of coffee or green tea, minus sugar and cream. Instead of eating food items like this, you can rely on protein supplements.

Avoid junk food

Eating lots of junk food is never good for your workout. You have to avoid spicy food at all costs. Even though spicy food helps speed up metabolism, it’s not good for your workout. Fast food is another thing which you must avoid. Fast food high calorie and fat, and it can make you sluggish during workout. You must also avoid energy drinks. When it comes to most energy drinks, they contain carbonation, caffeine and sugar in excess. It’s definitely not good for your workout. I suggest you to find whey protein powder in NZ, as it is a really good choice.

Best workout foods and drinks

Our first recommendation is oatmeal, preferably with fruits. Oatmeal is really the best when it comes to workouts. Since it has fiber content, it is really healthy. Also, it will provide you the energy you need. And the fruits will give you the nutrients that you have been looking for. The omelet is another good option. It will give you an energy boost. Also, it is light on your tummy. Try to have extra whites so as to gain more energy. Since you need energy, turkey is a very good choice. If you are planning a more intense workout, then turkey would be an ideal choice. You can go for chicken breast as an alternative. But avoid the skin. Grill the chicken or turkey. Also, mix it with some vegetables like carrots or zucchini. It is the perfect pre-workout meal you can think of.

Considering the fact that it is a heavy meal, try to have it at least 2 hours in advance before you start the workout.