The Proper Way Of Running

We all run in our lives. Maybe to catch up with someone or because your late and will miss the bus or train. You want your boss to sign some important documents so you run to him before he can leave. Some of us run every day to maintain our bodies so that our bodies can get adequate exercise, fresh air and gain endurance and strength. Here are some ways to run that will benefit us and keep us healthy.
We all have different strides. Those of us with longer legs take longer strides and those of us with shorter legs take shorter strides. Though are strides slightly differ the general form is similar. As a runner we should find a stride comfortable for us. This will help reduce the risk of injury and help us gain speed. If your aiming for a good workout for your legs, taking shorter strides is the way but as this takes more power if you want to cover distance then a long stride is beneficial. The arm movement also affects speed.
Your cadence is the steps you take per minute. Many runners find that listening to songs help them count or track their cadence. There are various websites that offer music that helps runners align their steps to the beat of the music.
We must be mindful of the environment surrounding us as we must practice our strides according to the terrain. For a flat terrain you can use the stride that you are comfortable with. For a downhill terrain you can take longer strides and optimize gravity and for uphill shorter strides.
Changing form drastically can lead to injury. Example you think a different stride would help you run better, you can change is gradually. Observing how others run also will give you some pointers in running. After completing your run you can do strides that is lengthening your stride as much as possible and running a short distance. This acts as a workout for your muscles.
Next try to keep your back straight while running, have a good posture. Moreover breathe naturally and easy. Wear the right clothing for running. Some runners wear compression tights for running. This helps them run in all kinds of weather.
While some run in their old tennis shoes if you are going to continue running you should invest in a good pair of shoes like the curry 2 sneakers. You could get a good pair from running stores. Make sure your shoes aren’t too tight or too roomy.
And remember running takes dedication. You have to be consistent and you will see the progress.