Should You Buy A Present Or Send A Gift Card?

Whether or not to give someone a gift card has become a modern dilemma in the world of giving gifts. After all will the receiver like the idea of using it to buy a cool gift for girls or a cool golf gift for Dad or apply for membership golf club.

Gifts cards are a great idea to give as a gift to an acquaintance and at that one that you don’t know all too well. It gives the receiver the opportunity to go out and buy something that they actually want or will use. A deciding factor in whether to give someone a gift card thus depends upon personal preferences.

After all, how do you know whether someone has a penchant for funny golf toys. This way, everyone wins and the recipient should acknowledge that this gesture is thoughtful in its own way.

Many stores will now offer gift cards for purchasing. This in itself can demonstrate how thoughtful a gift card can be. After all a gift card for the supermarket, the local cinemas or one for a music store both demonstrates that the person has in fact thought about what the recipient wants and/or needs.

On the other hand, the amount that is spent on a gift card can be difficult to determine. With a present, often one can guess how much money was actually spent on it but cannot say for sure. In receiving a gift card, there are no illusions. Instead of only buying a gift under $20, people think they need to spend a little more on the gift card. Also if someone uses a gift card and chooses to purchase an item that is not covered by the card, the recipient may end having to pay more than what they had originally intended.

Another disadvantage with gift cards are that some people end up forgetting they have it and run the risk of losing the credit on that card.

Selecting the right present may take a little more time and effort but this is something that most people recognize when receiving their gifts. Having someone figure out what it is you could use, what it is you use or a funny gift that reflects some shared history or a private joke – these are all benefits in receiving a present that has been well thought-out, even if it is a gift under $20.

However in buying a gift there is always the chance that they will either not like the gift, will not fit into it or just won’t know what to do with it. With a gift card, the likelihood of such a thing happening is lowered.

In the end the problems with trying to find a cool gift for girls, a corporate golf days in Yarra Valley or a gift for under $20 can be eliminated through the use of a simple gift card.