Modern Man, Science and Technology


Humans who are established as the supreme species alive on Earth, has evolved with technology and science to a stage which the first man would never have foreseen. We do live in a very fantastic age and sure as hell things are going to be pretty much amazing in the future as well. Almost anything can be accessed very easily and things are getting automated day by day. We literally have to sit or stand and wait to execute almost any task. Still as any object, drug or person you love there is also a bad side with modern technology and science!
Habits and behaviour of a modern human
With this level of automation and technology the modern human leads a very busy life due to the competition as everything is real simple and can be operated by anyone. Most of us are concerned with just one main factor and that’s the money bill. Modern humans now invest almost most of their time to earn money, the time they invest for entertainment and socializing has become very much low. People mostly socialize through digital means with no real time human interactions. Even the small time they invest to entertain or socialize themselves is by watching a movie, playing a pc or mobile game or something involved with technology which would not give them any physical exercise whatsoever, which leads to many health issues.
Health issues faced due to the technological and science advancement
Ironically even though the humans invest most of their time to earn money ultimately with all this lack of personal fitness and health they end up losing heaps of money to get their health to a better state through medicine, which is a very much impractical and a very less fruitful process as well. The level obesity of most men, women and even children has reached a much maxed out level, mostly due to the lack of proper physical exercise and improper diet plans. It’s real bitter to see that the most intelligent species on Earth still fails to realize and dedicate some time for these two main factors; proper diet and proper exercises.
Efficient methods that can be used to overcome this crisis
Nowadays we see many gyms and places where we can burn our fat and stay well. In these places we find machines to work out and even fitness training programs such as aerobics programs to stay fit. Not only can we go to places as such we can also go for walks, jogs or ride bicycles to maintain a healthy body. Even if you don’t have time to do the above stuff you could still do little exercise at your workplace! Simply lift some books repeatedly while at work or just don’t take the elevator, take the stairs!